Disney +: our pick of the best Halloween movies to watch as a family

With Halloween days away, it’s time to revisit its horror classics. Disney +, predictably enough, isn’t really good at it. But that does not mean that the platform does not offer a selection of content perfectly in line with the theme. We have concocted a small selection for you.

All year round, Disney + offers high-quality films and series. Since its launch, the platform’s catalog has continued to grow so that everyone can pick something to their liking. Not to mention the new features that come each month to feed the service.

This month, with the approach of Halloween, Disney + has necessarily seen itself welcome a whole panoply of content dedicated to this very special holiday. Between those who have just arrived and those who were already present, we have prepared a list of the best films and series to see as a family before October 31.

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The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack

How to talk about Halloween movies without mentioning The Nightmare Before Christmas? A classic from the genre classic, it also fits into the Christmas movie category. But, work of Tim Burton obliges (attention, it will not be the only one in this list), one speaks necessarily there of deaths, of monsters of all kinds and of universe as dark as fascinating. Only here, our favorite skeleton, the famous Mr. Jack, has had enough of scaring his neighbor. Everything changes when he discovers a Christmas village.

Miss Peregrine and the special children

At 16, Jacob is too old to believe his grandfather’s wacky stories. However, when the latter dies, he will realize that everything he was saying was true. He will then discover the world of Miss Peregrine and her House for Private Children. All endowed with strange powers, these children also have powerful enemies that Jacob will have to face. Fortunately, he himself has more than one trick up his sleeve.

The Haunted Mansion and the 999 Ghosts

Eddie Murphy as a real estate agent who wants to transform a haunted house into a real palace, here is the pitch of this film as funny as it is chilling. When he discovers, accompanied by his family, that the mansion is in fact inhabited by 999 ghosts, he will have no other choice but to lift the curse to carry out his project.

Hocus Pocus: The Three Witches

Max Dennison is not very thrilled at the idea of ​​leaving Los Angeles to settle in Salem. He is not at the end of his surprises since on Halloween night, he finds himself in an old house of witches, who died 300 years earlier. By mistake, Max will bring them back to life. He must then protect the children of the city, the preferred target of witches who must aspire to their lives to stay young.


A flagship character in the Disney universe, Maleficent was entitled to her own film in 2014. In the latter, she casts a curse on Princess Aurora, the future Sleeping Beauty, after being refused by her father the king. Years later, the conflict between Les Landes and the land of humans is at its height, and Maleficent will have to reverse its actions to keep the peace.


Victor Frankenstein is a lonely young boy whose only friend is his dog Sparky. Unfortunately, his companion dies in a car accident, leaving Victor idle. However, back in class, the latter learns that it is possible to bring back to life his dead animals thanks to electricity.

Sleepy Hollow, the legend of the Headless Horseman

You will resume a Tim Burton film. The director’s first live film on this list, it tells the story of a town in the late 1700s whose inhabitants were beheaded one by one. A rumor swells then, claiming that the murders are orchestrated by a horseman himself without a head.


We leave the pleasantly murky atmosphere of Burton to immerse ourselves in the dreamlike world of Pixar. Coco isn’t strictly a Halloween movie, let alone a horror movie, but its death and spirits-focused theme makes it a great family movie to watch during this time. While walking through a cemetery, Coco finds himself propelled into the afterlife.

Edward Scissorhands

Did you think you were done with Tim Burton? I promise, this is the last. Especially since Edward in the Silver Hands is the film that propelled the directed to the forefront of the international scene, accompanied by his faithful sidekick Johnny Depp. The latter plays the role of Edward, therefore, a strange half-man, half-scissor creation that will upset the daily lives of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Halloween Witches

Aggie Cromwell is a powerful witch living in the town of Halloween (nothing to do with that of Mister Jack). One day, she goes to the mortal world to seek the help of her daughter Gwen. She then discovers that her little girl is also a real witch, and decides to bring her back to Halloween to fight the forces of evil.

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