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Disney +: movies and series, all the news to watch this weekend

Disney+ offers new content on its platform every Friday. For this weekend, we offer a small selection of the best news from the Disney + catalogue. Everything for your sofas, come on!

Disney Plus weekend

Just like Netflix, Friday is a sign of news at Disney +! Although the Disney platform passed the 100 million subscriber mark just 16 months after its launch, its catalog continues to grow. Also, the company with big ears can congratulate itself. His flagship series, The Mandalorian, was nominated 15 times at Emmy Awards and becomes Disney+’s biggest hit.

And this week, Disney+ will release its new animated series from Marvel: What if…? While not a live action series, What If is in fact part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Therefore, it allows you to find all the superheroes you know well, like Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc. But in the series something changed and the situation didn’t go as planned.

Finally, as a reminder, on February 23, 2021, Disney+ has a new “Star” section dedicated to adults. Includes Fox movies and series, such as the saga Alien, Die Hard, Kingsman, Terminator or the planet of apes. Users can also enjoy Marvel movies produced in partnership with Fox, such as the excellent Logan or Dead Pool 1 and 2. With over two hundred movies and fifty series on the counter, or nearly 3,800 hours of additional content, there’s plenty to do!

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New Products Available at Disney + This Weekend

Darkest Minds: Rebellion

In the near future, a mysterious virus will cause the death of all teenagers. Only a handful survived the massacre. These survivors are endowed with uncontrollable psychic powers. Arrested in camps by authorities, they are treated as threats…

horror movies 4

Cindy Campbell has just been hired as a maid for an elderly lady. Thanks to the young woman’s little experienced affection, the retiree runs the risk of passing the gun to the left as quickly as possible… This cult parody comedy will delight fans of the saga.

Wall Street

Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), junior brokerage Jackson Steinem & Co., is breaking into Wall Street. Despite his inexperience, he manages to seduce Gordon Gekko, an experienced investor played by Michael Douglas. Released in 1987, Wall Street is one of Oliver Stone’s cult films.

the house of happiness

An extremely strict husband (Dany Boon) agrees to offer his wife a cottage. To save money, he relies on an unreliable realtor. The shack’s work will quickly put the man in the straw…


Here’s the exhaustive list of new products published by Disney + this week:

  • Grow-ish – Season 3
  • Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – Season 1
  • Tyrant – seasons 1 to 3
  • Love in the air
  • Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade – seasons 1 to 7
  • Les Chamois – Seasons 1 to 2
  • on the paths of history
  • Great Getaways – Seasons 10
  • What you do!
  • it was in rome
  • Johnson Family Vacation
  • Jacqueline Sauvage: it was him or me
  • Diary of a Future President – Season 2
  • growing up in the animal world
  • the magic school
  • Akashinga: the ivory war

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