Disney + increases the number of followers and imposes itself on Netflix

The big streaming platforms have been competing with each other for years to be the first choice among the audience. However, the enormous growth that the market is having, together with the increase in competition, has led to this war more difficult to stop. Although, as in any conflict, there is always someone who is one step ahead of the rest. Such is the case of Disney+.

The streaming platform owned by The Walt Disney, Disney+has managed to obtain about 11.8 million new followers in the last quarter of 2021, bringing the total figure to almost 130 million. These data exceeded the expectations of Wall Street, which thought to reach 7 million. In addition, they also far exceeded the results of the other platforms, such as Netflix.

Rapid growth of Disney+

The company, in addition to looking at the total followers reached, also broke down the streaming service’s global subscriber count by national and international categories. On USA and Canada the company has a total of 42.9 million of subscribers, while internationally it has 41.1 million.

The growth was noted in all sectors of the company. Regarding the services that you have at your disposal, Disney + Hotstara new collaborative service between Disney and Star India, has a total of 45.9 million of subscribers. Hulu6.6 million, ESPN+4.2 million, and, finally, the total subscriptions in Disney’s streaming portfolio reached 196.4 million.

This rapid growth of the company in such a short time has achieved position yourself at the height of Netflixwhich, during these years has been recording minor data. They expected to reach 8.5 million new subscribers, however, they have ended the quarter with 8.3 million. It should be noted that the company far exceeds Apple TV, although it is still below Amazon Prime Video.

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Bob Chapek, CEO of Disneystated through a call to Tech Crunch that this growth may have been caused by a combination of organic growth and new content. In the last quarter, Disney released new movies under the name: “Charm”, “Eternals”, “Hawkeye” and “The Book of Boba Fett”, which have been nominated for an Oscar.

company objectives

Disney +, seeing that it is getting what it wanted so badly, has set out to meet both short- and long-term goals. The first of them is invest around 33 billion dollars in creating new content. They have found that this is what really grabs the attention of the audience, so they will continue down the same path. Although they already have in mind to release new films to the market with which they plan to reach new subscribers. Such is the case of “Obi -Wan Kenobi” and “Andor”, two new Star Wars series.

Disney + has also shown its interest in the metaverse world. “We want to see what possibilities this canvas offers to tell Disney stories without the limitations that other supports offer. We believe this is a world where we can tell stories in 3D and put our creative geniuses to work in this new world.” it states Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney.

The company also revealed that it plans expand your business to other global markets and, in this way, create international content. It should be noted that Disney + is present in 64 countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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