Since the last installment of the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean in 2018, nothing is going right. Caught in the vice of the lawsuit against Amber Heardhis ex-partner, Johnny Depp was sacked by disney of the Pirates saga as well as that of the Fantastic Beasts. At the end of 2020, the big-eared firm announced the implementation of a reboot worn by a female character, who would be played by Margot Robbie. Only, since this announcement, no news has come to enhance the expectation of fans.

With this reboot, which does not bode well, we would be heading for a spin-off rather than a direct sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge. The involvement of Johnny Depp still remains unresolved. Given the magnitude of such a franchise, there is no doubt that disney awaits the development of the comedian’s highly publicized lawsuit against Amber Heard to make a final decision. The interpreter of Jack Sparrow has weight support: Jerry Bruckheimerthe producer of the saga who has often maintained the suspense on the future of Johnny Depp. In an interview given to Timesthe legendary producer hasn’t ruled out the comedian returning as captain Jack Sparrow in a future movie Pirates of the Caribbeanalthough the actor himself coldly denied this during the trial.

Pirates of the Caribbean - © Disney
Pirates of the Caribbean – © Disney

Bruckheimer also confided that there were two feature films Pirates of the Caribbean in the pipes: A real sequel as well as the spin-off with Margot Robbie. For a time, there was even talk that Karen Gillian replaces Depp in the story of the main saga but there too, it is radio silence. These statements show that disney has no idea what to do with the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Do without Jack Sparrow could be complicated due to the huge wave of support the actor enjoys. However, if they were to backpedal, the staff of disney risks rowing deeply to repatriate the actor in view of his latest statements.

If he was just one character among others in the trilogy of Gore Verbinsky where he already had a strong fan base, episodes 4 and 5 reinforced the actor’s aura and cemented him as the franchise’s DNA. The firm governed by Mickey therefore seems determined to walk on eggshells so as not to make decisions that she might regret, at the risk of ruining one of the most important adventure saga of the 20th century.


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