Disha is the only one in the world who loves me selflessly : Salman Muktadir

After marriage, Salman Muktadir doesn’t even realize how his happy time is passing. 12 days have passed, while Salman feels like only 3 days have passed. This is what this model and actor said. Although Salman’s journey started as a YouTuber but now his name has been attached to the previously discussed critical adjectives.

Salman Muktadir spoke to the media for the first time after marriage. In front of everyone, he lovingly painted a kiss mark on his wife’s cheek. He appeared for the first time after marriage with his wife at the premiere show of a Hollywood movie at Star Cineplex in the capital. Salman spoke to the press there.

Salman was saying, ‘I don’t feel how time is passing. I thought three days had passed. But Disha says, 12 days have passed. I couldn’t believe it. I asked not three days? He said no, 12 days. 24 hours in a day didn’t seem like enough to me. After marriage, it seems that the days have become shorter.’

Wife Disha said that she is having a good time after marriage. He said, ‘He is very caring, takes care of me a lot. Have fun and enjoy with children at home. I love it so much.’

Where are you going on your honeymoon? In response to such a question, Salman said, ‘We haven’t come out of the wedding rush yet, so we haven’t discussed where to go or not to go on honeymoon. It will take time to fix everything. Especially since everything has left. We got married after many battles. The house is not ready yet. So honeymoon after settling down.’

What kind of battle, what kind of obstacles Salman faces before marriage. He told the matter himself. He said, ‘Actually, it’s not so much that I had to fight, she (Disha) had to fight more. I was previously out of touch. Couldn’t communicate at all. I was also confused. There was an issue of credibility with my past. So I did not understand what the plan is? Finally, the plan is that he will leave everything and come to me.’

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What did Salman Muktadir and Disha have to leave in this marriage? Salman did not have to leave anything but the past. Salman said, ‘But he had to leave everything. Basically the war is done. There is nothing in his life that he has not left behind. Only me, no one deserves to give him proper treatment. Everything is leaving after that, nothing compares to it.’

About the previous relationship, he said, ‘Actually, I am such a boy, for whom it would not be very difficult to get a girl. And I just didn’t want to go into a relationship. But none of those who had previous relationships were ready for marriage, maybe they came for the hype. I think if you want to be loyal, you need a relationship like a marriage. So I got married.’

In response to the question why he married Disha, Salman said, ‘Love is really rare. Because what people want in the name of love, they run out when they get it. In fact what is called love was endless for me. I got that a lot. But there must be something about this girl that made me marry her. Because I didn’t have that fear that I needed more. The only person in the world who loves me selflessly is Disha.’

Salman said, ‘No one else could have given me love, it’s a hundred percent sure. I would not sacrifice it for that pleasure. No girl could survive such negativity after marrying me. Only Disha has done it. After marriage she remained normal even after hearing many bad things. So I think, there can be no one better than Disha in the world. You can’t.’

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