The name and reputation of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, are known to all. The teams of 20 Hours of France Télévisions takes you to the discovery of its little brother Mount Kenya. It rises to more than 5,000 meters. Its ascent is hardly easier.

The peaks of Mount Kenya are revealed through the clouds. A gigantic massif of 5199 meters of altitude which gave its name to the country, but which is unknown to the general public. It is however possible to explore it during a hike at very high altitude. Four French people have set themselves the challenge of reaching one of the accessible sums. Michael Gathée will be the guide of the expedition. He has already climbed the mountain more than 400 times. “I will set the pace for the walk, we will walk slowly to avoid dehydration and headaches”, explains the guide.

A long walk begins, the ascent is 40 kilometers long. After five hours of effort, the summit appears in the distance and the landscape changes radically. The plants look like they came out of a science fiction movie. “We cross plants that are only visible from 3,800 meters above sea level.”, explains the guide. Around Mount Kenya, a unique and protected national park spans 715 square kilometers.