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Without a doubt, the pandemic was the trigger for this accelerated development of e-commerce. It is only worth mentioning that before the health emergency, which in its early stages forced us to take refuge in our homes and practice social distancing, online sales accounted for about 25% of total retail sales, however digital transformation continued on its growth trajectory, it will estimated that it will reach 50% by the end of next year. It is important to clarify that selling online has become more and more complicated due to the increasing competition in the market and the very high expectations of consumers.

In this scenario, the question arises what is the ideal formula to maximize the potential and ensure a prosperous future for our companies. shortthe complete CMR platform, responds with a clear strategy: the Multichannel Marketing. Given that it is important to be where the customer is and to fight for their attention, this strategy proposes using different channels to communicate with the customer.

  • email marketing: It’s one of the most popular ways to contact customers, but how to use it effectively? With clear examples like the welcome email, you can contact a potential customer who has just signed up and is very interested in your brand and what it offers. also this channel promotes cross-selling by encouraging buybacks based on personalized product suggestions related to the main purchase. After all, that’s it Star channel to recover abandoned cartsThis is the final nudge to convert those who have already expressed an interest in your product into a purchase intent.
  • SMS Marketing: involves sending promotional and transactional campaign messages through a direct channel to a customer who most likely has their phone nearby with notifications enabled. On the one hand, it’s useful Send updates, notifications and reminders about the purchase made; On the other hand, a message is key when it comes to this Communicate limited or low stock levels.
  • Live chat and chatbot: The conversational marketing used in these two versions allows you to harness the power of human conversation to sell. When to use it? In the Phase in which the customer learns about the product or serviceWe offer you support capable of solving your problems. Also in the consideration phase, if the customer thinks about it and needs more details like size or shape. Also in crucial phase of the transactionprovide additional information or solve technical problems that prevent the purchase.
  • WhatsApp Marketing: For businesses, this messaging platform provides a Possibility for a more personal and natural communication and connection with the customer. Uses range from a “custom message” that can be personalized to build intimacy and a sense of security; to “broadcast”, which would amount to a massive email campaign, via the broadcast lists of saved recipients to send messages to at the same time.
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