Discover a medical cannabis factory

A few months ago, the Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Law was enacted in Argentina. This law promotes scientific research on the plant and its derivatives, establishing the basis for its productive development.

I will borrow the words of Valeria Salech, the Founder of Mama Cultiva (Google Mama Cultiva) who said in the act in which this law was enacted:

I want to be festive and at the same time measured with what I say. I feel a great responsibility. the fight of marihuana started with Belgrano in 1797, who was already talking about producing cannabis in Argentina to produce wealth. From then until now, many valuable people have driven this paradigm shift. It was a collective construction that got us here. The law has taught us that when laws are enacted, it’s mile zero. Now we have to work hard to make it as restorative as possible.”.

So be it, I hope this is the beginning of a great moment for the use of medical cannabis. come and see


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