Discontent continued on Friday among the leaders and members of the Marxist Peru Libre party after the president, Pedro Castillo, distanced himself from the political formation with which he won the elections, by removing his most radical and controversial ministers from the government.

At "pencil party"As it is popularly known in Peru, there is a deep rejection of the new Council of Ministers formed by Castillo, where he has given more space to other more moderate leftist formations that supported him during the second round of the presidential elections.

For this reason, the party’s general secretary, Vladimir Cerrón, urged Castillo to fulfill the promises he made in the campaign under the Peru Libre program, which includes the convening of a Constituent Assembly.

"We are sure that the current cabinet will not even try to fulfill campaign promises"Cerrón said this Friday.

"It will be a space to defend the ‘status quo’, the usual privileges and historical discrimination against the people will be maintained. The task of fulfilling remains the party’s"he added.

Cerrón, a politically trained doctor in Cuba and former governor of the Junín region who could not be a presidential candidate due to a current conviction for corruption, demanded that Castillo a "share of power" in the Government after knowing the departure of Prime Minister Guido Bellido, his most trusted man in the Executive.

For Cerrón, the new Council of Ministers of Peru had been in the hands of "rightists, ‘caviares’ (wealthy left) and traitors".


In that sense, Guido Bellido once again took advantage of social networks for this time, outside the Executive, to insist on Castillo to pardon Antauro Humala, brother of former president Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) from the sentence that he is serving 19 years in prison for the murder of four policemen in a military coup in 2001.

"Mr. President Pedro Castillo, we have to fulfill our campaign promise, pardon Major Antauro", published Bellido, who in his 70 days as prime minister has already used the social network Twitter to launch controversial messages and anticipate the president in announcing the renegotiation of the Camisea gas contracts.

Bellido was one of the seven ministers dismissed after just over two months in power, marked by an intense struggle between the ministers of Peru Libre, the more orthodox left, and the more moderate ministers, who have gained weight in the new Executive of Castle.


One of the ratified ministers is Roberto Sánchez, president of the left-wing coalition Together for Peru (JP), who affirmed this Friday that the changes were "the reaffirmation of a new political moment".

"I think there has been enough noise already. I think we must move forward and the sensible thing to do is also start a new stage. That would be the message"said Sánchez, who holds the Foreign Trade and Tourism portfolio.

Among the new members of the Executive is the Minister of Labor, Betssy Chávez, one of the congressmen of Peru Libre most critical of Cerrón and Bellido, who promised a more conciliatory attitude with the cabinet now headed by the lawyer and human rights defender Mirtha Vásquez as prime minister.

"Mirtha Vásquez is going to build all the communication channels, all the bridges. He is a person who already has experience in these types of circumstances. I believe that the presence of her as ‘premier’ supports a lot so that these consensuses can be generated", he pointed.

Now the new cabinet has a period of one month to appear in Parliament to request the investiture vote, where Peru Libre is the party with the largest representation with 37 congressmen, although it does not have control of the chamber.



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