Disaster-proof: the plastic bubble that protects a Ferrari

Twitter It is that social network that is capable of making situations and events go viral. objects most unusual in the world. This time, a element for protect a car has aroused the interest of users.

as if of a shield in question, the object in question is a giant plastic bubble that is placed around the car, in this case, a Ferrari.

With 30 million viewsthe video shows how numerous objects are thrown against bubble to try to damage the Ferrari, without any success. Stairsspanners or tires, among other objects, bounce against him plastic as if it were a mat.

The video has caused numerous reactions Given this protection measure, which can even serve as a oilskin against bad weather. In addition, the netizens have not missed the opportunity to fill Twitter with a great wave of comedians memes.

Similar to the shield in ‘The Incredibles’

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