Director of Public Procurement says Alexis Victoria Yeb should never have contracted with the State

The director of Public Procurement, Carlos Pimentel, affirmed this Monday that the senator of the province María Trinidad Sánchez of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Alexis Victoria YebIt should never have contracted with the State after it assumed that function.

“The law does not establish or make a distinction in relation to whether there is incompatibility because the hiring is one peso or 100 million pesos. What is very clear in the report is that the senator should never have contracted with the state since he assumed his duties as senator of the Republic ”, expressed Pimentel during an interview on the El Día program.

Pimentel said, however, that the institution cannot sanction the senator even though the entity determined that their companies were benefited with 14 contracts for a total value of RD $ 1,720,375.08 after taking office.

The Director of Public Procurement explained that this is why Law No. 340-06 on Purchases and Procurement of Goods, Services, Works and Concessions must be modified and strengthened.



Suspension of supplier registration

Pimentel also reported that in the inquiries carried out by the entity, it has been found that at least 220 officials were registered as State suppliers and that his registration was suspended in a preventive manner.

Inabie case

Regarding the complaints of irregularities in the purchasing and contracting processes of the National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE), Pimentel indicated that this is a complex case because it involves more than RD $ 12,000 million, it involves around 2,700 bidders from all over the national territory, among other factors.

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He indicated that in this case the institution has received 38 resources raised by various providers, there are 12 precautionary measures and an open investigation in coordination with the anti-fraud unit of the Comptroller General of the Republic.


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