Director of El Chiringuito denies Cádiz CF to cover Casemiro

Stupor in social networks with the reactions to the controversial play

The beach bar, how could it be otherwise, attacked in a more than surprising way the brutal entrance of Casemiro at Real Madrid – Cádiz. An entry that for all of us who watch football normally, is worthy of a red card. But what Pedrerol He was in charge of generating debate with quite subjective arguments.

The coincidence of football wanted that in the same weekend there were two practically traced plays. One at Real Sociedad – Villarreal, where Mikel Oyarzabal was sent off for a very late tackle on Yéremi Pino. There was no discussion and even the player txuri urdin himself left crying and was sorry.

Chiringuito Casemiro
The entrance of Casemiro was settled with yellow

The Chiringuito and the entrance of Casemiro

However, a dangerous counter from Cádiz, led by Iván Alejo, was stopped with a bang by Carlos Henrique Casemiro. The difference this time is that the referee showed a yellow card and that the VAR did not want to enter later to review the play. But it was light red, for everyone … except for the referee, Real Madrid, and of course El Chiringuito.

It must have been very clear when Tomás Roncero, even defending that it was not red, said “it is not red but he has bought many ballots”… Come on, it is red for everyone except Casemiro, translating the language of the El Chiringuito gathering. And the controversy came thanks to Pedrerol’s great sense of television.

Pedrerol, a master of television

Pedrerol, if he has specialized in something in these years, is in taking advantage of each controversial situation to generate two sides. Because in football, unanimity is boring, it doesn’t generate audience peaks. On the other hand, if no matter how clear a play is, there is someone in favor and someone against … the mess is served and the spectators flock to the shotguns like birds.

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And so it happened at El Chiringuito, when Pedrerol interviewed Alejo himself, victim of Casemiro’s entrance. The Cádiz winger denounced the seriousness of the play, but Pedrerol took the issue away. “Do you really see it so serious?” He asked the audience, mitigating Alejo’s message and shaking up social networks. Goal accomplished.

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