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Direct message to Laporta to save Xavi’s job

The Egarense coach was in doubt for some periods of the season, but he is receiving unexpected support

Joan Laporta continues to examine the possibilities for the future of FC Barcelona and one topic that needs to be discussed is that of Xavi Hernández. Although the Blaugranas president has repeatedly reiterated his confidence in the coach, there are also doubts about certain games, such as the Clásico. Of course, there is a factor that can have a positive effect on the coach.

Let’s remember this Xavi Hernández has restored Barcelona’s confidence and Laporta has rewarded this with signings tailored to his plan. In any case, the goals are clear and although the acquisition of LaLiga EA Sports was a balm, the Camp Nou boss expects much more.

Laporta xavi
The Blaugrana president continues to have doubts about Xavi

Joan Laporta may be considering Xavi’s exit but staff support prevents his exit

This is how the thermometer will be for Egarense this season. This will determine whether he continues as coach or not. Although now there are some statements that can give a twist to this premise and have to do with an important Blaugranas footballer. We’re talking about Ilkay Gündogan.

In that order, the German midfielder was one of the great signings Laporta made for Xavi. His arrival has added much more quality to the core and was instrumental in implementing the plan through his commitment and leadership skills. He recently hinted at his future and made a lot of things clear.

If Xavi leaves, Gündogan will also take his suitcases with him and leave Barcelona

I have a good relationship with Xavi. I came to Barcelona for him, we fit together very well“. Although this is a sentence that cannot have much meaning, it confirms that the player came to the club through the presence of the Egarense on the bench. If he were to leave, the German midfielder would also take the same path.

Without doubt, This is a direct message to Joan Laporta in case he is thinking about leaving the coach. We’ll then have to wait and see what might happen with his immediate future. For now, there will be certain blockages blocking the departure of Xavi, who enjoys a lot of support from the team.

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