DIRECT – Demonstrations against the health pass: the French return to the streets for a fifth weekend of mobilization

To protest against the health pass, thousands of protesters across France marched in the streets, while the device implemented by the government began on Monday. For this fifth weekend of mobilization, 250,000 opponents are expected.

The anti-pass marched in the street to protest against “all the measures imposed without the slightest consent of the population,” lamented a protester, into the microphone of Cnews.

At least 47,700 protesters, according to police, marched in southeastern France on Saturday against the health pass, without violence and despite the afternoon heat.

In Toulon, the demonstration gathered 22,000 people according to the police, even more than the previous week (19,000). The protesters did not give an estimate. In Montpellier, it was around 7,500, according to the police against 8,000 the week before.

In Marseille, at least 6,000 people marched down the rue de la République, in noise but without violence, as much as the previous weekend, noted an AFP journalist.

“Freedom! Freedom!”, The protesters chanted, many of whom were accompanied by children. “We come for them, so that they are not guinea pigs,” a mother who wishes to remain anonymous told AFP. his 16-year-old daughter.

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