DIRECT. Afghanistan: Taliban announces it has taken full control of Panchir, the last bastion of resistance to its regime

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Afghan resistance caved in. The Taliban announced on Monday, September 6, that it had taken full control of the Panchir Valley (East), the only center of armed opposition to the new Afghan regime, after several days of fighting.

In the early evening, theThe anti-Taliban resistance in Afghanistan called for a ceasefire in a statement after reports of heavy casualties over the weekend. The National Resistance Front (FNR) stated on Sunday night to Monday to have “has proposed to the Taliban to cease their military operations in Panchir … and withdraw their forces. In return, we will ask our troops to refrain from any military action.” Follow our live.

Humanitarian security guaranteed by the new regime. The Taliban pledged on Sunday to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers and access to aid to Afghanistan during a meeting with the UN’s head of humanitarian affairs, a UN spokesman said.

Washington evokes the beginning of a civil war. Faced with this chaotic situation, the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Mark Milley, estimated on Sunday that “the conditions of a civil war” They were “likely to be found” in Afghanistan.

Angela Merkel calls for dialogue with the Taliban. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a dialogue with the Taliban on Sunday. “We just need to talk to the Taliban about how we can get the people who worked for Germany out of the country and get them to safety.”, she said at a press conference.

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