DIRECT. Afghanistan: ask your questions to Maryse Burgot, senior reporter at France Télévisions, back from reporting

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2:18 p.m. : Hello . Surprisingly, I didn’t find it so complicated to tour with the Taliban. They are in a process of reconciliation with the international community, so they try not to mistreat foreign journalists. This does not prevent them from being misogynistic, extremists in their words. I expected more aggression from them. Overall this was not the case. They cultivate a front “benevolence”.

2:12 p.m. : Thank you for your reporting. Did you have any difficulty making these? Because the Taliban seem to allow some journalists on the “ground”.

2:11 p.m. : Hello @mahe. Some Taliban refused to look at me when I was doing interviews with them. Others were more open. We were flabbergasted with my team when Taliban fighters asked us to take a photo with them after a shoot. But they specified that I was not to be in the photo. If it wasn’t dramatic, we could almost laugh about it.

2:11 p.m. : How does the Taliban treat Western women?

2:10 p.m. : Hello @Gerson. Traumatic, no. Strong, yes. I will remember the image of this mom who was seriously considering selling her baby. She and her husband needed money to feed their oldest son. The Afghan people find themselves in appalling and heartbreaking misery. When it comes to emotions, it’s the people who suffer, not the journalists. No reason to complain.

2:05 p.m. : Hello Madame Burgot, what is the strongest image, if not the most traumatic, that you keep in mind from your last report? And are you sometimes overtaken by your emotions in front of what you observe on the spot?

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2:03 p.m. : Maryse Burgot, major reporter at France Televisions, has just sat down next to me. Back from Afghanistan, where she spent two weeks, she will be able to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to write to us.

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