There are less than four months left for the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October this year. In such a situation, the national team managers will closely monitor the performance of the players in each T20 series from now on. This is because in each series the performance of the players will be compared to prepare the team for the T20 World Cup.

Currently, there is more than one contender for the T20 team in India. In such a situation, it is not an easy task for the team management to select 15 players for the T20 World Cup. The condition is that even the regular player of all three formats, Rishabh Pant, is also excluded from Team India, it will not be surprising. Actually, Rishabh is receiving the biggest challenge from Dinesh Karthik. Along with ground keeping, Karthik is seen outpacing Rishabh in his batting. This is what it looks like looking at international statistics and recent performance.

Rishabh Pant’s batting average in T20 International is 23.15 while Dinesh Karthik is scoring runs in this shorter format of cricket with a batting average of 35.07. I mean, here Dinesh Karthik is quite ahead.

Rishabh Pant has a strike rate of 123.91 in T20 Internationals, while Dinesh Karthik scores runs with a strike rate of 146.13. That is to say, here also Karthik is ahead.

In T20 Internationals, Rishabh Pant has so far taken 23 wickets behind wickets in 48 matches. At the same time, Dinesh Karthik has sent 20 players to the arena in 37 games. That is, when it comes to grounds maintenance, there is a fair competition between the two.

In this IPL season, Rishabh has scored runs with a batting average of 30.91 and a strike rate of 151.78. On the other hand, Dinesh Karthik has scored runs with a batting average of 55 and a strike rate of 183.33. Dinesh Karthik was also the best striker this season.


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