“Dinero Busca Dueño”, seeks to return RD$410 million to depositors of financial entities

“Dinero Busca Dueño”, procuran devolver RD$410 millones a depositantes de entidades financieras

The Superintendency of Banks (SB) began the third stage of its “Money Searches Owner” campaign, which this time intends to return RD$410 million to 8,950 users with savings accounts and certificates of deposit in seven financial institutions that are in the liquidation process.

On this occasion, the SB summons the depositors of the former Banco Universal and six other companies linked to it, which are Universal Mortgage Bank, SA; Bancuniversal SA Center; Banco Universal Financial Center, SA; Grupo Banespañol, SA; Banco Español Financial Group, SA; and Grupo Financiero Universal, S.A.. All ceased operations at the end of 1992.

Savers have the opportunity to verify if they have resources in any of the entities on this list on the website of the Office of Services and User Protection (ProUsuario).

How to Consult?

The consultation is enabled from this Monday, January 16 and people who consider that they may belong to this group of savers should only accesswww.prousuario.gob.do, Click on queries and then in products in entities in liquidation.

In cases where the account holder has died, the closest relatives may request the SB to return the resources, presenting the pertinent documentation in the validation process.

So far, during the first two phases of Dinero Busca Dueño, the SB has delivered RD$120.2 million to 433 savers from 34 entities that they had ceased their operations and that they were in the process of liquidation or dissolution.

The amount returned to depositors during the last two and a half years exceeds more than 20% of the total registered during the previous 13 years (RD$99.7 million).


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