Dimitrievski: coffee, fashion and Carletto’s jacket

Stole Dimitrievsky (29) it’s a endearingly peculiar character. big fan of fashionlikes to try bold styles from different designers because he understands that the way of dressing reflects the personality of each one.

His other great passion is coffee. Dimi, as they know him in the locker room, investigate and experiment with different flavors from all over the world and loves to bring out his bohemian side for walk around madrid and try the new tendencies. The Fix, in Plaza de España, is one of its coffee sanctuaries.

Around coffee he has created his own universe and a ritual that has become a tradition. Before each game in Vallecas or against teams from the capital, Isi and Santi Comesaña going to Dimi’s house to spend the after-meal with a cup in hand and from there they head to the stadium.

Always admired Gianluigi Buffon, against which He was able to play on one occasion, in an Italy-Macedonia match played in Turin in 2017. At the end of the game, a bundle of nerves, he turned to his idol. he asked for the shirt but it was reserved for his son. She settled for shaking his hand. Dream fulfilled.

He could not achieve the garment he wanted a few months ago either. He real Madrid visited Vallecas and lost 3-2. In the end, Dimi did not request the shirt of any player. He asked Ancelotti his cardigan. The Italian, disappointed by the defeat and astonished by the picturesque request of the Rayista goalkeeper, did not know how to react and went to the locker room. TO Stole you excites Carlettobecause of his style and his character, and I wanted to have a memory of him. He took three points but not the cardigan of the elegant Reggiolo coach.

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another of his curious hobbies is ask for the shirt of the rival player who is saved by a penalty. He did so when October 2021 he stopped it at Memphis Depay, although in this case he looped the loop and formulated the request before that the Dutchman kicked, telling him about his extravagant habit. Dimi parried the pitch and was shirtless. Expect a full lap to get it at the Camp Nou.

This afternoon, shortly after lunch, Dimi, faithful to his ceremony, will choose a gourmet coffee to offer his friends before going to the white coliseum to try to make Madrid’s afternoon bitter. Then he will once again beg Ancelotti for his cardigan to place it in a privileged place in his collection of indelible memories, because Stole never gives up.

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