Dilemma in Valencia CF with the continuity of Gayá

After several seasons being associated with some of the most important European clubs, it seems that the time has finally come for Gayá and Valencia CF to part ways

Even though that him Valencia CF He has managed to secure practically half of his salvation in the Santander League, the future of Jose Luis Gaya could be at stake. The player himself has acknowledged being aware of the information that links him to other teams. Something that has been common during the last transfer markets, since his name was always among the possible sales of the club.

This situation does not catch him again, since he has already faced it before. However, on this occasion, the club has compelling reasons to consider selling him, as his continuity could hinder the promotion of a promising full-back. A side to which Gayá has closed the door of Valencia CF on him during the second half of the season.

Gayá closes the door of Valencia CF to a young promise
Gayá approaches the final goodbye to Valencia CF

The reasons for Valencia CF to sell Gaya

José Luis Gayá, one of the pillars of Valencia CF in later seasons, it is again linked to a possible sale. Despite his commitment and loyalty to the club, the left-back has hinted that he might be open to a new challenge in his career. His quality and experience make him a very attractive player for other teams, who would be delighted to have his services.

In addition, Valencia CF has an additional reason to consider the sale of Gayá in this transfer window. The arrival of the young Jesús Vázquez, a promising jewel from the quarry, has generated great expectations within the club. And it is that the young winger showed great potential, leaving very positive impressions in his appearances in the first team.

Jesús Vázquez brings the Valencian captain closer to the starting ramp

However, despite the potential that Jesús Vázquez has shown, he has not had many opportunities in the second half of the season. That is why his promotion would be hampered if Gayá continues in the team and occupies his position on the field. That is why the club wants to start a new stage on the left wing.

Aware of this situation, The Valencia CF board is in a dilemma with Gayá. On the one hand, they value the career and performance of the captain, who has been a key player in the team for several seasons. On the other hand, they also consider the projection and emerging talent of Jesús Vázquez, who could become a fundamental piece in the future of the club. That is why it is not an easy decision, far from it.

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