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Dilemma in the next Draft: Dallas, Charlotte, Houston…

Dilemma in the next Draft: Dallas, Charlotte, Houston...

The NBA Draft is approaching and, with it, doubts grow in the teams about what to do with their choices. Some continue with their reconstruction process, others, on the other hand, have different paths. Several lottery franchises (positions 1-14), are looking to compete next season and, aware of the value of their picksThey want to enter the market to see what they are capable of getting.

These needs are linked to the expectations and the actual level of the workforce. The Mavericks, who will have the third pick, are not in the same situation as Charlotte, Detroit or Houston. The Texan team, with Doncic and Irving as main references, is modeled to compete for the championship. The same goes for Portland and Lillard. The base is not for reconstruction processes.

The context is essential when arriving at the gala on June 22. Hundreds of hours of study materialize in a choice that has unparalleled relevance for the future. For this reason, and increasingly, franchises are examining what they can do with these picksthe value it can have and what makes the most sense for the team in the short and long term.

Before entering the possible election dance, the transfer carousel that awaits the coming weeks, the main doubt is in Charlotte. The Hornets received the 2nd pick in the lottery, what seemed like a solution has become a problem.

Headache in Charlotte

The one indicated to fall in the second position of the Draft, practically unanimously, is ‘Scoot’ Henderson. The Ignite point guard has the physical and technical qualities to be a great NBA star, one of the faces of the league. His explosiveness, intelligence and ability to create shots make him stand out in one of the best litters of the last five years.

What seems like an idyll for the North Carolina franchise has become a headache. The possibility of joining such a promising point guard with LaMelo Ball, another player who needs the ball to be important, seems to dissolve with the passing of the days. Despite being the clearest option for talent and projection, all eyes are on Brandon Miller.

The former Alabama forward is another big name. Trained to excel in the league and with an offensive arsenal to match few, Miller, who was involved in problems off the field, can fit perfectly into Clifford’s system and what the Hornets are looking for. Great scorer, good game without the ball, mature (almost 21 years old). The perfect lace. The only drawback is that leaving ‘Scoot’ aside can be, in the long term, one of the decisions that make teams regret for several years.

The eternal debate between choosing talent or fit, the one that brought Ayton to Phoenix and forced Sacramento to choose Bagley over Doncic for fear of whether the Slovenian would take stripes from Fox or, at that time, from Bogdanovic, returns to go out. Is it wise to pass up one of the biggest talents coming to the league out of fear that he won’t be able to fit in with your star? Perhaps it is better to ensure a future great player and continue to trust LaMelo as a fundamental piece of your project.

Dallas and Portland, in opposite directions

While it is true that the common thing is that in the lottery teams with needs to rebuild for the future are found, Mavericks and Blazers are in territory, a priori, unknown. While Portland, with more urgency than those of Texas, will have the third pickDallas managed to secure his election (if he fell below 11, he would go to the Knicks), and he will choose in the tenth position.

Two star teams, with renowned players who have dominated the league in the last decade such as Lillard, Irving and Doncic. His short term must go to compete for the championship, so transferring his elections seems the ideal scenario. Similar cases, but with big differences. The Blazers have a big dilemma on their hands.

The chance to put this together pick 3 players with value in the market such as Anfernee Simons or Shaedon Sharpe open the door to look for an elite exterior of the league, such as Mikal Bridges. The biggest opportunity to pair Lillard with a league star is in the next few weeks.

On the other hand, another scenario, more complicated but not for that reason ruled out, is that of transferring the 32-year-old player, designated as one of the 75 best in history, and beginning a reconstruction process that had been considered but was never considered. thought about putting it into practice.

The Mavericks, on the other hand, have a very attractive number ten. Players of the future like Taylor Hendricks, Gradey Dick, Jett Howard or Ausar Thompson may fall into that position, but it’s not the path Dallas should follow. Having two of the most differential players in the league makes it necessary to transfer this election in search of a guaranteed veteran or a player to accompany this tandem. Several teams will be interested.

Ups and downs

As is customary, and increasingly, the teams seek to go up or down depending on their interests. These so-called trade up and trade down have increased in recent years. Several teams that may be interested in moving up could be the Orlando Magic, who currently own picks six and 11. They could put both together picks to get a bigger one and thus solidify one of the most promising projects in the entire NBA.

Another case could be that of Oklahoma. The Thunder, after their good season, could go up in the draft looking for the definitive player who will give wings to a project that still needs the return of a special player, who will give great joy, such as Chet Holmgren. The Raptors, in the process of finding themselves, could include their pick number 13 plus a young player to climb the table.

Different topics would be those of Houston and Indiana. In the last few hours, rumors from verified sources close to the league of a possible return of Harden to Texas have grown. This could push to move that fourth selection and look for a great player in the league to accompany the guard, current player of the Sixers.

In the case of the Pacers, in view of the surprising season, although they lost pace in the final stretch, perhaps they could include that seventh pick in a transfer by a veteran who will give another march to the project led by Tyrese Haliburton.

There are only a few weeks left for the draft, and the lottery has helped some teams and, for others, it has created a headache that may or may not have a solution. Various movements of different franchises are expected depending on their interests.

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