Digitoads is turning heads now that Presale has raised more than €3.5 million

DigiToads is a revolutionary stake-to-earn and play-to-earn crypto platform that is currently attracting a lot of attention from the crypto community. Recently, more than € 3.5 million has been raised to date. This means that the presale will soon enter the next presale phase and this is still a good time to participate in the presale at an advantageous price.

Not long after reaching the €3.5 million milestone, DigiToads seized the opportunity to give a sneak peek of their NFT collection, which consists of over 3,500 unique NFTs. During the first unveiling, four ‘common’ NFTs were shown to the public. It was also indicated that more revelations will follow before the final launch in June. In total, the entire collection will consist of 2100 common NFTs, 1050 ‘rare’ NFTs, and 250 ‘Ultra rare’ NFTs.

DigiToads Unique Experience and NFT Strike

In a crowded meme coin market, DigiToads seems to have a unique concept with the special gaming experience that includes battling other toad NFTs, taking care of the toads and adding new characters to your collection. The game is set in a fictional environment where the player starts as a toad. This toad grows into a great enemy and friend later in the game. Yet the game is quite addictive, despite the fact that it looks quite easy.

The integration of a token-to-burn mechanism is a unique feature that brings out the potential of meme coins. The structure of the meme coin is deflationary, limiting the number of tokens available for purchase. And because of this, the tokens become more and more valuable as time goes on.

Furthermore, the DigiToads staking pools are an interesting way to earn rewards by staking. This encourages the community to buy and hold more DigiToads. In addition, the NFTs are necessary for the staking reward system, as the NFTs receive 2% of the staked tokens through the staking pools. This way of rewarding loyal investors is a way to keep the TOADS tokens circulating within the crypto community, so that the system remains sustainable in the future.

In addition, the treasury plays a supporting role, guaranteeing a sound financial system within the DigiToads community. The DigiToads staking pools, future plans and healthy liquidity pool will all benefit greatly from Treasury leadership. In the end, the three different branches all receive timely financial and technical support from the role of the treasury.

There are also weekly giveaways within the community, which will greatly benefit early investors. The prize pool totals $150,000 and is divided into portions of $5,000, $2,000, and $1,000. During the giveaways, the most loyal holders, i.e. those with TOADS, have a significant chance of winning a prize with the giveaway. In addition, users who participate in the Digitoads social communities can also participate. These communities mainly function on social media such as Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

DigiToads plays an active role in web-3 activities and ‘The Swamp’ is the special virtual space in which TOADS holders are connected. Participants in this virtual world can engage in various activities such as socializing, discovering the digital world and participating in competitions.

Within this world, TOADS will act as a native token and the unique NFTs will be the creatures that represent the users within this metaverse. NFTs are an incredible hit in the digital world. In addition, a lot of time has been invested in the development of the ‘swamp’ and that should attract many people to the community.

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DigiToads has a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which plays a significant role in fund management and decision-making. The DAO provides a framework that serves the interests of all stakeholders involved. In addition, the DAO is a facilitator of various activities that keep the DigiToads ecosystem running. When the game is running and the winners need to be rewarded, the DAO provides leadership in these activities.

Presales are a common method within the crypto world. The presale of DigiToads is divided into 10 different phases in total. At each stage, the price per TOADS token will increase slightly until the final stage is reached. Dividing the presale into ten different phases is mainly beneficial for investors and holders. They have a greater chance of receiving rewards in each of the phases, provided they remain active on the platform.

Another special aspect of the presale is the emphasis placed on the community. As a result, both experts and crypto laymen feel right at home at DigiToads.

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Other NFT Worlds

The impact of PEPE on the crypto world has increased dramatically. While the name owes its popularity mainly to the popularity of the meme, it has managed to draw a lot of influence from DigiToads. PEPE’s NFT marketplace is very impressive as it currently has a large number of customers. While Pepe has very high potential and is a must-have for memecoin holders, keeping the community stable in the long run is a tough task ahead.

The Shibosis is another project that occupies an important place within the NFT marketplace. The impressive memecoin market operates on the Ethereum blockchain and has since attracted a lot of attention. During the launch, there was a huge increase in activity on the platform, which caused the gas prices of Ethereum to rise very much. The collection was therefore sold out within a few minutes. Unique NFT aspects such as the laser eyes and the party hats make these Shiba-Inu supported NFTs very popular. These NFTs are also the hub of the Shiboshi game.

PEPE and Shiba Inu projects are similar to what DigiToads has to offer through its own NFT staking and marketplace.

Meme coins have a very important relationship with their community, which is why they focus their use case on them as well. Therefore DigiToads focus is on gaming, engagement, connectedness within the metaverse and NFT staking. These aspects should form a strong attraction for a satisfied DigiToads community.

In this whole story there is an important role for the DigiToads community on Twitter. As on the DigiToads website, updates and purchasing methods for TOADS tokens can be clearly communicated via Twitter.


Cryptocurrencies with a clear utility often position themselves as an asset that can withstand market turbulence, as long as their position remains secured within NFT marketplaces, crypto transfers on popular blockchains, and as the main currency for web-3 gaming. The revelations of Digitoads’ NFT collection is proof that TOADS is an asset that can withstand the test of time. Even if the market enters a bearish period.

DigiToads staking platform and additional prize pool are reason enough for investor to invest early in DigiToads. By investing in TOADS at favorable prices, you can later get your hands on more NFTs as an investor, which will play a vital role in the digital world of tomorrow.

For more information, visit the DigiToads website and join the presale

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