Home Business Digital marketing consultancy Tabuga expands its competitive intelligence portfolio in the DR

Digital marketing consultancy Tabuga expands its competitive intelligence portfolio in the DR

Consultora de marketing digital Tabuga expande en RD su portafolio de inteligencia competitiva

The digital marketing consultancy becomes the first certified SEMrush® ally in the Dominican Republicwith which it strengthens its digital intelligence portfolio and provides high-level digital positioning services.

The technological entrepreneur Arturo López Valerio said that "In the online positioning (SEO) segment, SEMrush® is considered the leading platform in competitive intelligence and analytics, considered as a standard for digital positioning management”.

With this certification, the Tabuga consultancy expands its portfolio of services for the local market through its Halfbound® digital marketing division.

Outsourcing marketing projects can be beneficial for Dominican companies if a reliable and highly experienced digital marketing team is chosen.

Local companies are progressively giving control over their strategy, planning, creative part and other important tasks to external specialists and therefore need a reliable tool that can meet their business needs and deliver high level results.

The platform offers analytics for just about everything you might need: search engine marketing (organic and paid), content marketing, social media, and competitor analysis of some of the above issues. "It is a competitive intelligence automation tool"says the also founder of Tabuga.

The tool belongs to a niche of experienced professionals, highly qualified marketing specialists who help their clients and organizations to boost the growth of their businesses and present better results in less time.

"Through capacity building, we help the marketing departments of companies – who best know their unique needs and their industry – make decisions based on the data provided by the tool."says Lopez Valerio.

It highlights that since 2018, SEMrush® has created a global community of more than 6 million users, including digital marketers, in-house professionals from SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, helping brands and professionals to find each other.

With this certification, Tabuga, a digital consulting company based in the Dominican Republic, reaffirms its commitment to provide its clients with access to cutting-edge tools and world-class technology; whether in SEO, content marketing, advertising, social media, analytics, marketing strategy, or other processes that enable organizations to grow.

To validate the certification you can visit: https://www.semrush.com/agencies/list/dominican-republic

Tabuga is a digital consulting firm that uses knowledge, intelligence and technology to change paradigms. Its purpose is to facilitate knowledge of the digital environment, correct application of technology and innovation for the generation of results, transformation and business growth.

Founded in 2011 by technology entrepreneur Arturo López Valerio, the firm provides services to industry leaders in multiple markets in Latin America.

Halfbound® is its division that comprises a group of methodologies that combine inbound marketing techniques, s-marketing, inbound sales, marketing operations. addressing the user in a direct and non-intrusive way to add value.

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