Different treatment to Fernando Alonso than to Hamilton in the open

The FIA ​​is once again the protagonist and not exactly for nothing good

The United States GP ended with negative results for Fernando Alonso, but not for english Lewis Hamilton. The latter came in second position and is close to the top 5 while the Spaniard did not manage to add as he was penalized for a rather questionable fact that puts the FIA questioned.

When the race in circuit of the americas ended, the North American team Hass filed a complaint against the spanish pilot, Fernando Alonso. In this they detailed that the Oviedo car did not comply with the safety regulations, despite the fact that at the beginning of the race it did. Specifically, they referred to one of the mirrors of the A522 that it was loose and could fly off during the race.

Alonso Hamilton
This is the moment where Alonso and Stroll’s car collide, and the A522’s rear-view mirror comes loose.

The FIA ​​punished Fernando Alonso and Alpine reminded them of a similar case with Lewis Hamilton in 2019

The highest body in charge of imparting “justice” in the world of motorsports, made several mistakes that led to poor results for Alonso. In the first place, the complaint imposed by the Hass team should not have been received by the FIA ​​since the time to issue these protests had already passed. Even so, the control body went over the regulation.

After the race, the FIA ​​decided to penalize the rider from Oviedo with 30 seconds, which caused him to lose the points achieved in this Sunday’s competition. Immediately Fernando Alonso and the Alpine brought to the present a Hamilton incident in 2019, where the Briton lost a complete mirror, kept running and was not penalized.

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Why Alonso if not Hamilton?

That is the question that many motorsport fans and members of Alpine are asking themselves. The two situations were similar, and even that of the English rider was more serious, since he lost all of his rear-view mirror. Risking the safety of the other pilots. On that occasion the incident was in Japan and the Briton finished third.

For the present, the FIA ​​considered that Fernando Alonso’s car was not in a position to continue running and therefore the penalty. “A car must be in safe conditions throughout the race. And in this case, car 14 (Alonso) was not “determined in the highest administrative body of world motorsports.

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