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Diego Martínez stopped being coach of Tigre

Diego Martínez stopped being coach of Tigre

Diego Martínez agreed on Monday his dismissal and ceased to be Tigre’s coach, considering that he had completed a cycle at the head of the Victoria campus. In a meeting with the club leaders, the technician explained the reasons for his departureafter a marked decline in the team’s performance in recent games.

“Martínez thinks that he can no longer do anythingthat the irregularity in the championship is something that he will not be able to solve immediately. And he does not want to force the Board of Directors to throw him out either. due to a succession of negative results,” a reliable source from the institution told the Télam agency.

In this way, the exDT of Ituzaingó, Estudiantes de Caseros and Godoy Cruz de Mendoza, among other clubs, He closed a two-and-a-half-year campaign at the helm of the club, which included promotion to the top flight.

Martínez took over the leadership of the team in January 2021, in the First National. And, despite ups and downs in the campaign, the coach straightened out the march to take Tigre to the final for the first promotion against Barracas Central, whom he defeated 1-0 in November of that year on the Banfield court.

In 2022, the ‘Matador’ completed a very good campaign in the so-called Professional League Cup, in which He was a finalist and fell to Boca in the definition 3-0at the Mario Kempes stadium in Córdoba.

Despite, precisely, certain rumors that linked him to an eventual departure to Boca, Martínez remained in office, until the 1-0 defeat last Saturday against Platense broke out to change his position.

In this local contest, Tigre has a discreet campaign with 22 points, the product of five wins, seven draws and eight losses, but In the last two months, he has accumulated a series of seven games without joy, with three draws and four falls at the local level.

The squad will return to practice this Wednesday at the Country Maputxe in the town of Pilar and will do so with the interim Juan Carlos Blengio, currently in charge of the Reserve, commanding the tactical exercises. Tigre’s next match in the tournament is on Wednesday the 21st, when he hosts Vélez for the 21st. working day.

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