Diego Lopes Advocates for a UFC Matchup with Topuria: ‘It Would Be Good for the Promotion’

Diego Lopes: The Brazilian Fighter Ready to Take the Featherweight Belt

Diego Lopes, a Brazilian fighter born in Manaus, Brazil, but adopted by Mexico, is on the verge of a big fight against Brian Ortega at UFC 303. If he wins, he will be a candidate for the featherweight belt, currently held by Ilia Topuria.

From the Couch to the Octagon

Lopes, who was lying on the couch watching TV when he received the call from the UFC, said he was thrilled to accept the fight on short notice. "I said yes immediately. I couldn’t say no to a fight with the third-ranked fighter in the world, it could catapult me to great things," he said.

Preparing for the Fight

Lopes, who has been training constantly, said he increased the pace of his training to prepare for the fight. "We analyzed Brian Ortega, we know what he’s capable of, and we’re ready to face him," he said.

Strengths and Weaknesses

When asked about his strengths and weaknesses, Lopes said, "I think we are very similar fighters. He’s a fighter who takes advantage of opportunities to submit, but I’m the same. If I have a submission, I try to finish it quickly. But I’m one of those fighters who cares about what I bring to the table."

Path to the Featherweight Belt

Lopes said he believes he will have to fight more before he can challenge for the featherweight belt. "There are several people who are ahead of me. Holloway, of course, but Volkanovski is also next. I don’t want to stop my career and wait," he said.

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Fights with Topuria and Holloway

When asked about potential fights with Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway, Lopes said he would prefer to fight Holloway, but a fight with Topuria would be good for the renewal of the category. "I think Topuria has proven to be very complete. When he has to use his jiu-jitsu he has used it, the same with boxing or with his wrestling defense," he said.

Bonuses and Future

Lopes, who has won three fights in the UFC and three bonuses, said he is always focused on giving his best in the cage. "I’ve always been like this. I always make it clear that I’m going to go into the cage and give it my all. I’m always going to try to do my best," he said.


Diego Lopes is a fighter who is ready to take on the best in the featherweight division. With his ability to finish fights with submissions and striking, he is a force to be reckoned with. His fight against Brian Ortega at UFC 303 will be a key test of his skills, and a win could propel him into a title fight in the future.

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