Pushpa: The Rise is busy breaking all South Cinema records earning big these days. It has been more than a month since the movie was released, but still the movie is trending. From Allu Arjun to all the performers in the film, there is a lot of praise. From the dialogues of this movie to the tune of each song, you see the fans go crazy. But in the midst of all this, the filmmakers made such a mistake in making the film (Pushpa Film Mistakes), which we will show you in today’s report. In this report, see the scenes where he was clapping, the creators were making a big mistake in the same scenes.

1. The first mistake was made by Pushpa’s best friend, Keshav, who couldn’t open the truck door and blew up the red truck like a plane the next day. There was a mistake with the creators in this concept.

2. Now let’s talk about the next movie mistake that the night scene has been shown in this movie. But from where do you see this sun behind the people who go out in the dark of the night? The night to day was shown in Allu’s permanent film.

3. The following mistake occurred in that scene in the movie when Allu Arjun keeps money in his pocket and you see that bill come out, but if you look at the scene from another camera angle, then you see his money in his pocket. .

4. If you look at Pushpa’s childhood scenes, in one of Pushpa’s childhood scenes Pushpa’s mother runs to catch up with her, and in this movie, at first you see a bicycle but in the next scene suddenly the cyclist disappears. .

5. The bribe money given to the police officer is counted multiple times in the movie. But we show you if the notes seen in the scene were real or fake. In this scene you can see a thousand old bills, which were banned by the government. But if you look carefully, there is a number at the bottom of the old thousand rupee note, whereas on the old thousand rupee note there was no number at that place.



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