Did Tamannaah Bhatia break her 18 year rule for her boyfriend Vijay Verma?

Tamannaah Bhatia’s No Kissing Policy: Tamannaah Bhatia has sealed her relationship with actor Vijay Verma. There were discussions for many days about the actress’s relationship with Vijay. Meanwhile, there were also discussions that the actress broke her 18-year no kissing policy. The actress has never kissed a co-actor in her 18-year acting career. Tamannaah has now broken her silence on this and said that she this time she kept this policy with her boyfriend Vijay Verma in ‘Lust Stories 2’.

Why Tamannaah worked with Sujoy Ghosh
Tamanna is going to be seen for the first time in a web series. Also, her co-star in this web series is her boyfriend Vijay Verma. Now, Tamanna said in an interview to Film Campaigner about working on this web series that she always wanted to work with Sujoy Ghosh. He was also very happy to work with director Sujoy Ghosh. He hasn’t done any intimate scenes in his career.

Why doesn’t Tamanna do intimate scenes?
Tamanna, while talking about not doing intimate scenes, said that she feels that the audience would feel uncomfortable seeing him do intimate scenes. He feels that the Indian audience has come a long way in recent years and everyone has information at their fingertips. She didn’t want her vacillations as an actress to stop her.

Why Tamannaah Didn’t Commit To The No Kissing Policy
Tamannaah Doesn’t Compromise On Her No Kissing Policy Speaking of the kissing policy, he hasn’t compromised on the no kissing policy for Lust Stories 2 as well. He said that in his 18-year career, he has many blockbusters under his belt and that he doesn’t need to do something like this just for popularity.

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