Mumtaz, a well-known actress of recent weeks, continues to make headlines every day. In her latest interview, she talks about her debut role, her success, her famous bikini look, and more. She has been sharing stories from the past that fans have waited so long to find out more about.

In her recent conversation, she talked about the rumor that Rajesh Khanna cried after the marriage. Mumtaz revealed that she was told that the late actor had shed tears after her marriage, but she wasn’t sure, as he was the type of person who had the guts to say something to your face.

After working on movies like Do Raaste, Aap Ki Kasam, Dushman, Sacha Jhootha, the two share a special bond. Their bond often caught the attention of the Tinseltown natives. When Mumtaz got married, rumors spread that Rajesh Khanna was sad because he felt that he had lost his “right hand”.

Speaking about the incident with Pinkvilla, Mumtaz said: “People say that even though I wasn’t here. But people close to her told me that when I got married and left India, Kaka said: I lost my right hand!” . she missed me so much because we made such a wonderful couple of the two of us.”

In addition, she revealed that she had gone to meet Rajesh Khanna when he was not feeling well and today she misses him when she watches his movies. She said, “The family took very good care of Kaká. Even I miss him. When I see him on TV, I am surprised that he left so soon.” Mumtaz married Ugandan businessman Mayur Madhvani in 1974 and has two daughters, Natasha and Tanya.


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