Did Huma Qureshi’s closeness create a wedge in the relationship? What does Sohail’s ex-wife do after the divorce?

Sim Sachdeh was born on March 8, 1976 in Delhi. She lived in Delhi with her parents and siblings. Seema’s father was the director of an entertainment company. Seema has been interested in fashion design since childhood. She left Delhi and moved to Mumbai to pursue a career. According to the report, Seema came to Mumbai and started living at her uncle’s house. After studying fashion design, she used to go to different parties in Bolipara with Chunky to look for costume design jobs.

I reject Sohail’s family

Seema belongs to another religion, plus she is associated with the fashion industry. Although the Khan family members are associated with the film industry, they did not want Sohail to choose someone from the fashion industry as her life partner. That is why the people of the Khan family severed Sohail’s ties to the border. It is said that far from letting them meet, he even prevented Sohail from speaking to Seema. Sohail was waiting for the release of his first film.

Sohail had been secretly married before the release of the first film. However, they married with great fanfare. Seema also progressed in her career after the marriage. She opened her own clothing company in Bandra, Mumbai. Seema even opened a showroom for her company in Dubai. Seema designed clothes for famous stars like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora, Katrina Kaif. Seema is often seen partying with Bhavna Pandey, Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari. They are 4 best friends of each other.

Entrance of Huma Qureshi

Then there is the entrance of Huma Qureshi into his life. Huma Qureshi’s entrance is said to have become the reason for the rift between the two. There were discussions about Sohail’s closeness to Huma, but both have always denied it. Huma was the main face of the ‘Celebrity Cricket League’ brand. Sohail was also associated with him. Whenever there was a party, Sohail would have called Huma there. It is rumored that Huma even bought a flat near Sohail’s house to spend time with Sohail. But there was no relationship between Sohail and Huma. Huma claims that it is all fake news. In this context, Seema’s statement is: “Sohail did not have a love relationship with Huma. Apart from Huma, 500 people were present at the party. Everything is a lie.

According to many reports, they have already broken up. However, neither Sohail nor Seema have said anything about it. But 24 years of married life broke after the divorce. Seema said in an interview that it has been five years since she parted ways with Sohail. They have decided to stay apart because their way of thinking is not the same. Both Sohail and Seema are successful in their respective careers, but the couple fail to live under the same roof.

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