Following the recent collapse of LUNA and UST, a video post on Twitter is now going viral from Terra founder Do Kwon discussing a controversial ‘Kill Switch’.

Protocol Armageddon

In a 2021 video, Do Kwon mentioned that Terra has a kill switch. This would destroy all assets and sever all ties within 24 hours. According to him, the company would “pull the trigger” and end all ties to the blockchain if Terraform Labs were unable to best serve the community.

He said the following in the video above:

“We have something called Protocol Armageddon in our company. That’s a Kill Switch. So when we feel like we are no longer able to serve the community, we pull the trigger and within 24 hours we are gone. We destroy all our possessions, we sever all our ties, until there is nothing left. That’s in case things go a little faster than we expect.”


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