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Diario ElEspañol uses a young Athletic player to satisfy the hatred of the Spanish Navarrese

Pedro Jota Ramírez’s newspaper generates a lot of controversy with a controversial article

the last of the ElSpanish Newspaper in its attempt to be faithful to the name, has generated a lot of anger within the Athletic. It is a topic that transcends sports and whose purpose is to raise the already high hatred of those Navarrese who do not feel they belong to Basque Country.

However, as much as The Spanish wants his moment of glory, history is quite clear about it. Basque Country It is the entire European territory where the Basque culture developed. and that includes Basque Country, Navarre, and the part of Iparralde, what is known as Basque Country French.

Two Navarre top stars of Marcelino’s Athletic

Navarra has always nurtured Athletic

And it is precisely because of this geographical extension that Athletic’s philosophy only includes the possibility of signing players born throughout Euskal Herria. In fact, the current Athletic squad includes the Williams, Muniain, Sancet, Raúl García and Berenguer brothers, all of whom were born in Navarra.

Therefore, the whining of the Diario ElEspañol with Athletic can only be understood from the point of view of the resentment that it gives to the Navarrese who feel Spanish and not Basque. The only audience, on the other hand, to which a medium like ElEspañol in Navarra can aspire.

Pedro Jota and El Español attack Athletic

And it all fits. Its director is currently Pedro Jota Ramírez, a journalist who stands out for his famous suspenders with the little flag of Spain and for a mentality to the right of the traditional Spanish right. On this occasion the focus of attack has been Nico Serrano.

The kid’s only crime was scoring a goal the other day in Vallecas. ElEspañol speaks of “expropriation” of Navarra and of a controversial club model, that of Athletic. A Nico Serrano who wasn’t even in Tajonar, since Athletic went to Villarreal’s quarry to close his transfer. The joke tells itself.



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