DGII captured more than RD$54,422 million in July

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) reported that the collections corresponding to July 2022 reached the RD$54, 422.5 millionequivalent to RD$8,910.5 million above the RD$45,512 million estimated in the General State Budget.

With this collection, the DGII achieved a compliance of 119.6% in relation to what was projected in this period.

The tax administration explained that, due to the impact of Law 46-20 on Transparency and Asset Revaluation on the collections of July 2021, the collection for this period in the current year presented a decrease of 8%, which represents RD $ 5,245.7 million less than the previous period indicated.

However, if what is received by the aforementioned amnesty law is excluded, the growth for July 2022 is RD$2,372 million more than in July 2021, which represents 4.6% more.

January July
The accumulated collections in January-July 2022 amount to RD$389,905.0 millionwhich represents a growth of RD$31,283.1 million more than the first seven months of 2021, and equivalent to RD$35,283.1 million above the estimate (109.9%).

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