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Dexter season 9: the official trailer revealed

The American channel Showtime, which will begin broadcasting season 9 of Dexter on November 7, has finally lifted the veil on the official trailer.

Entitled Dexter: New Blood, this unprecedented season, which surprisingly sees the light of day, eight years after what was supposed to be his (much criticized) very last, will mark the return to the maneuver of the seasoned showrunner Clyde Philips, to whom the ‘we were due the first four (some would say the best) seasons of the bloody series.

After having fainted in the wild at the end of season 8, the hero who gives his first name to the series, a former forensic expert in Miami and a psychopath who loves to kill criminals, now lives under a different identity a life apparently peaceful in the small remote town of Iron Lake. But with sudden crimes in the region, will his killer vigilante instinct seem to gain the upper hand? “Monsters are walking among us,” Dexter said in a voiceover, before adding, “I may still be a monster, but I am an evolving monster. “.

An Uncontrolled Dexter

Season 9 of Dexter will also mark the return of a key character in the series, namely Dexter’s sister (killed in season 8), played by Jennifer Carpenter. Interviewed for Collider, the actress said of her character: “I didn’t really want to go back and fix a broken score.” Before adding: “I feel like Deb had a different ending than the show. So I decided that my job was to go to the bottom of the ocean and retrieve her and see if she wanted to witness this new serial killer experience, unmedicated, decoded, unpunished and uncontrolled ”.

Dexter singer Michael C. Hall also commented on the comeback: “Deb is an internalized character for Dexter, I think she indicates how far he fell … without a compass. I was so excited about Jennifer’s return because I knew she would be able to shape up and come to Dexter in so many different places. And, of course, she did. And it was really fun to open up the internal landscape of Dexter, because it’s much more pyrotechnic and crazy than before ”.


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