Developer: Cardano testnet is ‘catastrophic piece’

At the moment, we are looking forward to the big Vasil update on it Cardano (ADA) network. This update, which is also a hard fork will make major positive changes to the network. However, according to an ADA developer on Twitter, something “catastrophically” went wrong during the testing phase of this update and the Cardano testnet is completely broken.

Vasil hard fork Cardano

Of course, a major update such as the Vasil hard fork is first extensively tested on a special test network. This is to prevent problems that may arise that immediately have huge consequences for millions of users. However, according to Cardano developer Adam Dean, there’s a huge bug discovers.

According to Dean, this is a bug that has surfaced in the 1.35.2 version of Vasil. That would according to the founder of the Cardano network, Charles Hoskinson, were previously the version to be launched on the Cardano mainnet.

Dean states that the bug was discovered because the administrators of so-called stake pools tried to upgrade to the 1.35.2 version of Vasil at a rapid pace. However, according to Dean, this did not work for every manager of the stake pools, which resulted in multiple forks that are all incompatible with each other.

Cardano’s ‘nuclear clock’

Meanwhile, version 1.35.3 of Vasil is already being tested, which according to Hoskinson is really the final version, but Adam Dean states that the Cardano blockchain on the testnet can no longer be synchronized and therefore this version is now running on two different, completely new testnets. tested. All in all a nice catastrophe, if we are to believe the words of Cardano developer Adam Dean.

He also indicates that he is very concerned about the extent to which the testing process is completed as quickly as possible. He even likens this hasty process to a nuclear clock that struck midnight.

“To say that this level of ‘rush’ makes me feel uncomfortable is an understatement. If there were a ‘nuclear clock’ for Cardano, we would be close to hitting ‘midnight’…”

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