Devastation caused by earthquakes in Japan. Junior NTR had come for a vacation with the family and said, “I am shocked.”

On January 1, the entire world was engrossed in New Year’s celebrations while a powerful earthquake wreaked havoc in Japan. Japan is currently on high alert. Meanwhile, South superstar Junior NTR, who was vacationing in Japan with his family, narrowly escaped. Yes, the actor returned to India safely.

NTR posted this information on social media. Actus responded to this disaster by publishing a tweet on its Twitter account. He said that he went on vacation to Japan with his family. He has been in Japan for the last few days. As soon as he left for India, a few hours later there was a strong earthquake in Japan.

The actor expressed regret over the devastation in Japan and asked for a speedy recovery. The actor wrote in his tweet: “I returned home from Japan today and am deeply shocked by the news of the earthquake. I spent the last week there and my condolences go out to everyone affected by it. Those who managed to escape. Happy to you and hope for a speedy recovery. Stay strong, Japan.

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