Dev Anand came to Mumbai with Rs 30 and luck made him a veteran star of the film industry.

Famous for her tremendous acting and beauty, Dev Anand’s name is taken among the most veteran actors in the film industry. Born in Gurdaspur, Punjab, Dev Anand bid farewell to this world on this day in 2011. When Dev Anand, who had a different craze in the film world during his time, came to Mumbai with the intention of establishing a foothold in Bollywood, then this great actor’s early time was full of struggle and in his pocket it wasn’t a huge amount either. Today, on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Deva Anand’s death, let us know about the days of his struggle.

Coming from a highly educated family, Dev Anand’s father used to be a lawyer and when he was receiving his education at a public school in Lahore, he was unable to study as much as he wanted to due to the financial situation at home. this had to leave his studies halfway.

This brilliant Bollywood actor was fond of acting since he was a child and when he left his studies he came to Mumbai with the dream of working in movies. However, when he only had 30 rupees in his pocket to shine his luck in the world of cinema. Along with this, they had nowhere to spend the night and they had to think about getting bread for two courses.

To cope with these days, Dev Anand started working at the Military Censorship Bureau and after that, when he got the chance to work in movies, he did not stop writing a Bollywood success story. Today he is not among us but because of his brilliant work, the memory of him is alive among us.

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