Detail of champion Fernando Alonso with rookie George Russell

Fernando Alonso Y George Russell played the last point that was in dispute in the GP of Austria. After a few laps, the Asturian was a DRS from the English of Williams, who wanted to add his first unit in the team since he saw his colors in Formula 1.

Besides, Alonso knew it was his moment to season and the first point for Russell in 2021, not in F1, as he had already scored 3 in the GP Sakhir 2020 aboard the Mercedes W11, the day he was about to win the race, as a substitute for Lewis Hamilton.

However, the Spaniard returned with a pace he himself had not expected, according to what the computers were saying, and managed to catch up with Williams in the absence of a few laps for the Austrian GP. Without a doubt, a great moment for them and their followers.

After that, after trying at several different points, at which Russell raised a formidable defense, Alonso approached Turn 3, Remus’ famous one, and slipped past it before reaching Turn 4. were with another famous pilot.

In relation to the above, this was not a moral issue, but a simple appreciation for the talent of the 23-year-old. He went to see him at the end of the race to give him a hug and congratulate him on his performance. Therefore, his next words confirmed any kind of doubt that everyone might have.

“Any pilot except George,” he acknowledges that he thought. “It was very intense. It was a one-point fight, but it felt like the last lap of the championship. One point is good for him and for us after finishing 14th. When I saw it was George, I was a little sad because the battle had to be with him. “

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