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Detail of Acosta with Gardner before his last race

Detail of Acosta with Gardner before his last race

Great detail of Pedro Acosta with his friend Remy Gardner before his last MotoGP race. The Australian will leave incomprehensibly, or rather, at the express wish of KTM, very unfair to the Australian, through the back door of the championship heading for SBK, where he will ride with Yamaha next year. And before you do, has received a very special gift from his friend Acosta, a Kabuto helmet designed by El Tiburón that includes important photos of his sports career and, almost the most important thing, a label on which he puts his name and his profession as a pilot.

“The best thing is what it says here, by profession pilot”, what you are, Acosta told him. “Yes I am, yes, although some say otherwise,” Gardner replied with a smile. Asking the Moto3 champion how he got on, he says: “It’s his last race here and it’s special. The last one, for now, just for now. If there is someone who can run here again, it is him.” And when asking Remy if such a detail was expected, he assured that “the truth is that it wasn’t. He had heard something about a special helmet, but he didn’t expect it to come from Pedro, a great friend from the paddock for me and a boy that I have to advise, but he is doing super well now. He has grown older already.”

Asking Pedro what is the last piece of good advice his friend Remy gave him, he says: “It was in Argentina, after I fell. He started yelling at me like crazy and telling me that he was a retard and that he couldn’t fall for me anymore. After that, I more or less listened to him. And I don’t like to see him serious.” The Murcian does not hide the great affection he has for the Australian, based on how he has always behaved with him: “Remy is the only one who has given me real advice here, because a lot of friends and a lot of friends appear, but then they nail you in the back. he is a brother to me and the important thing is not that he leaves but that he comes back”. The Moto2 champion, who listens excitedly to the Moto3 champion, replies: “If there is an opportunity, of course there is. Y I hope that one day we can also be fighting together on the track.” And when asked who would win, neither of them responds. “We’re going to leave it up in the air.” They will continue to be friends and train together as long as they can and the MotoGP and SBK calendars allow it.

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