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Despite the rain, fans of the royal family meet in London

From our special correspondent in London,

“We would have seen even better if there weren’t all those umbrellas! Charles, dressed from head to toe in an outfit in the colors of the British flag, his wife Hannah and their two children, residents of Manchester, offered themselves a weekend in London for the coronation of King Charles III. Waterproof jacket on the back, they settled this Saturday in front of one of the four giant screens open to the public in Hyde Park, a London park near Buckingham Palace, in order to follow the coronation.

The rain, of those which soak you to the bone, has invited itself to the party. The only respite for viewers will be when the newly crowned Charles and Camilla emerge from the abbey. The first miracle to their credit? As we are in Great Britain, there is no question for the locals of letting themselves be beaten down by capricious weather, as for Haizel and her friends, who came from Newcastle, who have planned everything for the occasion. The five women, all dressed in red, white and blue in the colors of the Union Jack, have set up a table under a garden marquee and are having a great time. “This ceremony is fantastic,” says Haizel.

A few meters further, Claire and her mother Karen, installed on folding armchairs, endure the rain, stoic. “What will we keep as a memory of this day? Apart from the rain? », Answers laughing Karen. For her and her daughter, the moment that will stick in their minds will be the moment the crown was placed on Charles’s head. “With the music, the choirs, it’s really the moment that gives you goosebumps,” says Claire. Originally from Kent, the two women are organizing “a big party” on Sunday with their family. “We will make coronation dishes, everyone will dress for the occasion”, they detail, visibly looking forward to being there already.

Several hundred people were present this Saturday in front of this giant screen. The lawn was not filled, unlike the screens deployed in Saint James’s Park and Green Park, which could no longer accommodate the public from 8:15 a.m. this morning. Six giant screens were installed this Saturday in central London to follow the coronation.

It had rained during the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Seventy years later, Britons once again had to pull out the umbrellas to witness the coronation of the late Elizabeth II’s son. – Mathilde Cousin / 20 Minutes

The calm atmosphere began to heat up in Hyde Park as the crowd rose to sing the God save the King, when Charles and Camilla first appeared on screen as they left Buckingham Palace in a carriage for Westminster Abbey. Prince Harry’s arrival at the Abbey was met with a few boos, while the Prince and Princess of Wales, aka William and Kate, were warmly welcomed.

Emotion was at its height when the Archbishop of Canterbury placed the crown on Charles’s head. Moments later, the park began to empty, with onlookers likely discouraged by the rain. The daring ones who stayed until the appearance of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham palace, at the beginning of the afternoon, were rewarded: the planes which traced theUnion Jack in their wake for the pleasure of the king also passed over the park. ” It’s awesome ! exclaims a woman as they pass, while spectators took out their smartphones to immortalize this passage.

An overview that also marks the end of the ceremony. The crowd begins to disperse calmly, as it had come, guided by the many signs and personnel present on the spot. More than 29,000 police are deployed in the British capital for the festivities, which are due to last until Monday.

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