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“Despite the Israeli attacks on Gaza and the siege, the people of Gaza have not rebelled against Hamas.”

Israel is stepping up its offensive in the southern Gaza Strip

Could a new ceasefire be the beginning of the end of the war? Does Hamas want to end the war or would it rather prolong the conflict?

It is possible, depending on the pressure of the United States on Netanyahu and the internal pressure of American voters on Joe Biden. I don’t know what’s happening in Hamas. They hit Israel hard, they survived the Israeli attack – for now – and inflicted casualties on the Israel Defense Forces. That’s enough for them.

Will Israel continue to attack Gaza even if Hamas releases all the hostages?

That’s what he hopes to do. I’m not sure the international community will allow him to do that.

Do you think the people of Gaza feel the same way about Israel and Hamas as they did before the war?

That’s difficult to answer. I wouldn’t be surprised to read that many in Gaza believe both sides are bad.

Is a possible negotiation between Palestinians and Israelis a long way off in the medium term or do you think a post-war pact is possible?

I think at some point there will be an agreement and then many people on both sides will ask themselves why we didn’t do this sooner, why we missed so many opportunities.

Will the Israeli army take down Hamas as Netanyahu promised?

It is an unattainable goal that will cost thousands of lives. Israel had no success in Lebanon in 1982, where the PLO found themselves in a precarious position as displaced persons. On the contrary, Hamas lives in its homeland and among its people. Despite all the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and the siege imposed there since 2007, the people of the Strip have not rebelled against their elected leaders.

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