Despite being stopped by security personnel, Virat Kohli took a selfie with a Pakistani fan, the video went viral

Indian batsman Virat Kohli may be going through poor form, but there is no doubt that the former Indian captain is a mega star. Virat Kohli’s followers are all over the world. During the India-Sri Lanka Bangalore test, one fan didn’t even care about the security circle and approached King Kohli. At the same time, during this year’s IPL, a fan ran to meet Virat Kohli at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, regardless of the security circle. However, after this, the security guard caught that fan. Now a new video of Virat Kohli with a fan is going viral.

In the Asian Cup 2022, on August 28, the teams of India and Pakistan will face each other. Actually the Indian team was practicing before this match but during that time a fan came. According to the information received, this Virat Kohli fan is from Lahore, Pakistan. When the Indian team was going by bus after practice, at that moment that fan came to Virat Kohli. However, before reaching Virat Kohli, the security personnel stopped that fan. Actually, he was trying to take a selfie with Pakistani fan Kohli. At the same time, when the security personnel stopped that fan, he started shouting that he had just arrived from Pakistan to take a photo with Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli then called this fan named Mohammad Gibran to take a selfie. This Kohli fan said that he will never forget this moment.

According to the fan named Mohammad Gibran, he is only a fan of Virat Kohli in cricket and no one else. He waited almost a month after arriving from Pakistan to take a selfie with Virat Kohli. Mohammad Gibran says that the former Indian captain Virat Kohli is a wonderful person. After listening to me, he agreed to take a selfie. He also said that Virat Kohli got back in shape as soon as possible. Mohammad Gibran further said that he had not taken a selfie with any Pakistani player so far, but this desire to take a selfie with Virat Kohli was very old.

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