Home Sports Desperate Toto Wolff without miraculous solutions

Desperate Toto Wolff without miraculous solutions

Desperate Toto Wolff without miraculous solutions

Lessons learned at the Australian Grand Prix

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is worried ahead of the upcoming Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan. The current car, the W14has not provided the expected return at the start of the season, although the Austrian is optimistic for the future.

The previous Grand Prix, in Melbourne, gave the Brackley team hope. “Australia showed that we are making progress, although we have to be careful about reading too much of any one result,” Wolff said. “However, he was a good motivator for the team. The factories have been working hard in recent weeks.”

Continue to evolve in the next races

“In the next few races, we want to keep taking small steps forward. The car will continue to evolve in the coming weeks as we gradually bring improvements and higher performance to the track,” added the Austrian ahead of the races in Baku. However, Wolff does not want to brag too much: “We know that there is no magic bullet“.

The challenge of the sprint race in Baku

Mercedes is expectant before the race weekend. “It is a challenging track with very close walls, so there is no room for error. We will also have our first F1 Sprint weekend of the season in a tight format. It is an interesting challenge for us to face”, concluded the team boss.

The Baku Grand Prix will be an opportunity for the Mercedes team to demonstrate its ability to adapt and improve the performance of the W14. Although expectations are high, Wolff’s cautious approach indicates the team is focused on constant evolution, not silver bullets.

With its sights set on the future, Mercedes is striving to remain a strong contender in Formula 1, and the Baku Grand Prix could be an important step in that direction.

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