Desperate signing of FC Barcelona after Dembélé’s injury

Several reviews have been carried out regarding the taste of the new coach and the contractual characteristics to define the ideal

Ousmane Dembélé has granted once more since his arrival at Catalonia a news in reference to an injury, so common in him. This time it is not a prolongation or relapse of his previous discomfort, it is a new ailment that refers to an elongation in his right thigh that lasts for several weeks in the recovery process.

As expected, this is something that induces additional movements, which require careful studies that are already in the hands of the technical secretariat. Xavi, the new commander of the sports area has already said it, and has established ties of connection with Kingsley Coman. The end of the Bayern Munich he is the player they need, because of how his current contractual situation has been presented and because of the style of play he has.

Coman Athletic
Kingsley Coman is at this moment the one indicated to fall into the ranks of FC Barcelona

Dembélé’s injury at FC Barcelona tips the balance and delegates immediate attack functions

There is a lot of expectation in this regard, in fact, Dembélé was being probed to resume his contract and expose a new, much more established file to current events. But the injury has changed everything, now he is being valued to include a downward chip and with restrictions.

What has made Xavi distrust, and remain in the position of reviewing the environment. Coman ends his contract with Bayern Munich and everyone has their sights set on his departure. Not only the club, the player alike, as they have been several years of long service. Although in Catalonia there is high expectation, more than anything because based on his talent he was always decisive.

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Coman adapts to the way Xavi sees football and that is his key

Xavi is known to base his style on possession, but not on a possession linked to possession, but on a possession willing to occupy spaces to attack with ferocity. A faithful disciple of Guardiola, Xavi knows that this style identifies the club, and he knows that in order to be successful he needs deployments and commitments based on automatisms.

With that game of widening the field Coman has all the earmarks of being relevant. He can play in either of the two bands and prints speed, pressure and a lot of punch. He is one of those players who when they are plugged in is differential and understands perfectly what it is to play at the highest level.

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