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Derichebourg: 60% jump in half-year net income

(AOF) – In the first half, Derichebourg generated net profit attributable to shareholders of the consolidating entity of 117.8 million euros, up 60%. Current EBITDA reached €250.6 million, up 45.2%. “An improvement in unit margins in the Recycling activity, partially offset by increases in costs (energy and fuels in particular), and the contribution of Ecore explain most of this increase”, specifies the company.

The Derichebourg group’s pro forma current EBITDA over 12 rolling months amounts to 559 million euros. This figure does not take into account the effect of the disposals of assets to come within the framework of the commitments made before the European Commission.

Consolidated sales amounted to 2.5 billion euros, up 54%. This increase is mainly due to the Environmental Services division (+70%).

The volume of scrap marketed increased by 19.9%. This increase is explained by the consolidation of Ecore volumes. Excluding this contribution, the volumes handled by the group are down around 10%.

This decrease in underlying volumes is mainly explained by the decline in automotive production in a context of lack of semiconductors.

“In the short term, the current economic situation brings uncertainties about growth, because of the geopolitical events that have been taking place in Europe for 3 months. A slowdown in economic activity would temporarily impact the group’s results” warns the operator business and environmental services in its outlook.

In the Multiservices business, revenue should continue to grow thanks to good commercial momentum. The increase in profitability in the second half compared to last year will depend on the ability to pass on to customers, or to the cost base, the increase in wages. Aerospace-related activities should continue to improve.


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