Deputies consider salary increase will impact the most vulnerable sectors

Legislators from different parties valued the recently approved 19% wage increase for the non-sectorized private sector as positive, indicating that the measure comes to alleviate the inflation that the country has registered as a result of the pandemic.

The congressmen also highlighted the capacity for agreement shown by President Luis Abinader by managing to bring together the sectors involved just a week after calling the National Salary Committee to approve an increase above accumulated inflation. The spokesperson for the Perremeista deputies referred to the matter,

Julito Fulcar, who considered that the measure will have a significant impact on the population, highlighting the Government’s vocation for agreement, which in an unprecedented event managed to comply with an initiative that came from President Luis Abinader himself. Fulcar indicated that this measure is a sign of the commitment that the President of the Republic has with the most depressed sectors of society, since the salary increase will raise the quality of life of the workers of the Dominican Republic, because it is above the level of accumulated inflation. Referring to the subject, the deputy of the Modern Revolutionary Party for Santiago,

Nelsa Shoraya Sua’rez, agreed with the increase, noting that the country already needed it due to the post-Covid consequences and the war in Ukraine, for which she stated that it will help to have better access to the basic basket of the families. “It was necessary, the Government studied it very well and the population has received it happily because it will definitely help families to balance their economy a little more,” said Suárez.

Other deputies who favored the measure were José Horacio Rodríguez from the Opción Democrática party, who welcomed the increase, although he agreed that it should also be aimed at the free trade zones, tourism and public sectors that are still frozen and must also be benefited from a salary increase that benefits all Dominican workers and workers. For his part, Geraldo Concepción, deputy of the PRM for Sánchez Ramírez, appreciated the sense of humanity that Abinader has, of whom he said he always listens to the clamor of the people, who were crying out for this increase to take place due to the high levels of inflation that I was living the country.

Deputies Eugenio Cedeño, from La Romana, and Adelis de Jesús Olivares, from Ultramar, also spoke, who agreed with their colleagues that the measure was opportune to compensate the working class. Cedeño said that this wage increase has been balanced and will not affect large companies, since the measure can be absorbed by the business community

. The legislator recalled that in addition to the salary increase, the Government applies a series of measures to favor the most vulnerable population, such as the energy and LPG subsidy, popular markets and the Supérate card, which it understands help balance the country’s economy . “It comes to relieve those people who earn minimum wage, since when people have greater purchasing power the economy flows. The opposition will always say that it is not enough, however, in 20 years they have not done what is being done at the moment in terms of salary increases,” said the representative of Dominicans abroad, Adelis de Jesús Olivares. The percentage by category

The 19% wage increase announced last week by the Government will begin to be paid in April, with an increase of 15%, and the remaining 4% in February 2024.

With the 15% increase, large companies, which had the minimum wage at RD$21,000, now go to RD$24,150, for an increase of RD$3,150; the medians will go from RD$19,250 to RD$22,137.5, for an increase of RD$2,887.5.

In the first phase of the increase in the non-sectorized private minimum wage, small companies that maintained the minimum wage at RD$12,900 go on to raise RD$1,935 placing the total amount at RD$14,835 and micro-enterprises with a minimum of RD$11,900 increase RD$1,785, the employee earns RD$13,685.

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