Deputies approve the PARNI Law in second reading, now it goes to the Senate

The Chamber of Deputies approved in second reading the modification to Law 85-99, which created the Support Program for High Performance Athletes, New Values ​​and Immortals, where from now on it will say "gratuity, instead of pension".

Now, the project will go to the Senate of the Republic to be known and after its approval it will then become a Law and will be sent to the Executive Power for its promulgation.

On behalf of the Ministry of Sports, Dr. Neftali Santana was present, who was accompanied by the immortals of Sports, Evaristo Pérez, Heida Joaquin, José Dominguez (Boyon), Teresa Durán, Junior Gil, Julio Santos, Thelma Tejada, Piñao Ortiz, Marisela Peralta , Lupita Ruiz, and Hector Romero, among others.

Dr. Neftali Santana, who represented the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, proclaimed that he was very interested in the PARNI Law being modified so that the immortals and sports glories could receive their economic resources without any problems.

He stated that at the conclusion of the session in the Chamber of Deputies, he met with the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, who sent a message to the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, that as soon as the bill arrives from the Chamber of Deputies, the will send to the Senate Sports Commission to initiate the procedures for its immediate approval,

He said that he was accompanied by the president of the sports commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Pedro Botello.

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