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Two priority signings and one urgent need: Deportivo wants to strengthen its forward line and right wing

Deportivo La Coruña are preparing for an important January transfer window under the leadership of Fernando Soriano. After confirming Idiakez’s continuity and a decisive win, the club is looking to strengthen its squad in order to gain promotion. The sports car focuses on two key positions: a center forward and a right winger.

The need for goals is noticeable, with Davo leading the scorers list but receiving little help from the rest of the team. The inclusion of a striker would allow Idiakez to return to the team’s original scheme and move Lucas Pérez into a more comfortable position behind the striker.

New signings in the sports sector
The immediate priority is to find a replacement for the injured Barbero, who has had a significant gap in the attack since his injury on matchday four.

The search for a right winger and the situation in defense

Depor is also looking for a right winger, a position that has been problematic this season. Cayarga and Valcarce have not met expectations with contracts until 2025, making this need even more urgent. The signing of a powerful right winger It is crucial to balance the team’s attack and threat on both wings.

Aside from that, Retuerta’s injury on the left side could result in movement at that position. Although Balenziaga is the only available left-back, the possible recovery of Ximo Navarro could offer a solution, as could the potential of Iano Simao despite occupying a leadership position.

The complex puzzle of chips in Depor

Depor strikes a complicated balance with 17 senior players and five U23 players. Bringing in a striker and a right winger, both with experience, would require a double move: filling the vacant senior card and potentially releasing a player like Cayarga.

Adding a U23 left-back would require releasing another player, possibly Retuerta’s, or promoting a Fabril player. These moves reflect the need for tactical and strategic adjustments as well as the club’s willingness to look for creative solutions to improve the team.

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