During a hearing at the National Assembly on January 12, 2022, Denis Mukwege, gynecologist and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner, spoke of the many rape victims he received in his hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo… and those who suffered far worse abuses.

“Women were dragged, naked, in the middle of the city, before being raped, impaled and then buried alive!, he testifies. It happened in the DRC, it’s documented, but also closer to home, in Kosovo, and also in Myanmar, in Tigray, even in Colombia. »

A “war rape” still not prohibited

In front of an audience of deputies seized by emotion, Denis Mukwege protested against the fact that no international convention defends the rights of these women “who pay a price far too high” during armed conflicts around the world. Relive the essence of his speech in this video from our partner Brut.


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