Demonstrations again broke out in Iran against executions

Demonstrations once again broke out in Iran over executions against anti-government protests.

On Monday and Tuesday nights, thousands of protesters gathered outside the prison in the western city of Karaj, chanting slogans against the government. There were reports that the government was preparing to execute two more youths last night, Mohammad Qabadlo and Mohammad Broghni.

The protestors included the families of the jailed persons who demanded the immediate release of the arrested persons.

According to the report, 17 people have been sentenced to death in Iran so far. Two civilians, Mohammad Mehdi Karimi and Syed Mohammad Hussaini, were hanged last Saturday for killing paramilitary personnel in Karaj in November, while Mohsin Shikari and Majeed Raza were sentenced to death in December.

Voices are being raised at the global level against the execution of the protesters, while Western countries have also asked for more sanctions to be imposed on Iran.

Yesterday, Britain, France and other European countries called the Iranian governor and protested against the new death penalty against protesters in Iran.

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